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  • Homicide. It's not a pretty word, but it's real.

  • Homicide. It's not a pretty word, but it's real.

  • Homicide. It's not a pretty word, but it's real.


Walk with me in a field of daisies

Daisy Chain Foundation is the official fundraising arm of QHVSG and provides a public platform for members of the community to support individuals and families who have been devastated by the act of homicide.

In the past 12 months more Queenslanders than you can imagine have been murdered and many, many people’s lives changed forever. The subject of homicide can be very confronting for those not acquainted with the far reaching and long-term impacts of this crime. It is a topic that causes a mixed response from the general public, from shock and horror to anger, sympathy, frustration and even fascination. There are few positives to work with in communicating about homicide, however here at Daisy Chain Foundation we like to think we are building a bridge between those affected and those unaffected and where the two can meet in a mutually respectful, compassionate and meaningful way.

Living victims, those who have been left behind following the aftermath of homicide, are among the most courageous and emotionally challenged of all. Having a loved one suddenly and in most cases violently ripped from our lives is almost impossible to comprehend, let alone having to find a way to continue on.

Connecting with our Community

Daisy Chain Foundation provides a unique insight into the world of homicide by hosting a series of fundraising activities and special events throughout the year. As our tagline says, homicide is not a pretty word, but it’s real …and this is the very challenge QHVSG and those many families whom we support face in brining about awareness and support for our cause. Daisy Chain Foundation helps bridge the gap between those affected by homicide and those not. It offers a gentle and caring means of supporting for those most vulnerable, and also allows us to engage with a variety of stakeholders vital to the ongoing operations of QHVSG, including the media, corporate partners and private philanthropists. If you would like to connect with Daisy Chain Foundation please CONTACT US.

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